The  State  Industrial -Humanitarian  College  of  Novocherkassk was founded in 1946by the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers (formely it was know as theElectromechanical Technical School, the Electromechanical College, the PolytechnicalCollege). Its base enterprise is the Joint Stock Company named Scientific and ProductionAssociation "Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Works".

         About 25thousand experts have graduated from the College. Among them you may find importantindustrial workers, scientists, heads of enterprises of different typest of ownership.Today the College is the lagest Russian secondary vocational school of higherqualificational level. It is providing instruction of specialists on the multi-levelmulti-type basis according to authors' (individual) curricula and programmes. Systematicinvestigations of the educational services market enable the College to respond promptlyto the labor market conditions due to the permanent modernization of vocational curricula.

The College is training future experts in45 specialities and at 4 faculties :