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ECO WEB STUDIO, 21K     Many peoples have a lot of interest to ecology problems. We want to present a big collection of materials about common ecology and about mathematical methods in ecology problems. Also, we have many information about common ecology. We present a full review of ecology problems of Taganrog region and complicated database on enviroment parameters for Taganrog. We glad to show a brief historical review for Taganrog and photogallery, placed at our disposal by photographer Valery Kalachev.
    We want to make your search very esay and introduce any personages:
schoolboy student doctor
"schoolboy" "student" "professor"

    Very interesting for all peoples our activated ecology models, realised on Java language as applets. Our achievements in Java programming in the page " We").
    We hope that our " ecology games " will be interested for students and researchers.
    Below your can see full review for principal parts of our site:     Part "Site Map" contains full index for our site.

With the best wishes ! ;-)